Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flush the fat with Greek yogurt!

When obese people followed a reduced-calorie diet that included three 6-ounce servings of calcium-rich yogurt a day, they lost a whopping 61 percent more fat overall -- and 81 percent more fat around their waists -- compared with those who didn’t eat yogurt. Why? Turns out the calcium in yogurt may hinder fat storage and boost fat loss. And calcium-rich dairy products like yogurt may contain additional fat-burning compounds as well.

Organic plain Greek yogurt is the best, and look for the low fat version (nonfat is kind of nasty). If you need to sweeten it up a bit, mix in some organic blueberries. If you need it sweeter yet (like Yami) mix in some liquid Stevia!

Brain training tip for the day: Fitness Affirmations! These will reprogram your subconscious so over time, it will start believing these affirmations and then make them happen by causing you to make changes in your habits and actions without you even knowing you are making those changes!

Look in the mirror and tell yourself the following affirmations every morning:

I am starting a new week of wonderful progress towards my fitness goals.
This week I am even healthier than last week.
I will plan my nutrition every day.
I will act the way fit people act, even when I don’t feel like it.
I admire fit and healthy people.
I choose health and fitness because I deserve it.
If other people can do it, so can I.

I release all subconscious barriers to fitness progress and success.
I am an excellent nutritional manager.
I focus on eating foods that contribute to my fitness and health.
I make fitness a priority every day.
I will be an example to others of how to succeed in fitness.
I am in charge of my health and fitness success.
I exercise because I choose to, not because I have to.

I choose to eat healthy because I choose a healthy life.
My inner world creates my outer world.
Everything in life is a choice. I choose to be healthy and fit.
I create the exact amount of health and fitness I have.
I play the fitness game to win.
I am changing my genetics.
I am fully committed to permanent and lasting fitness and health.

My healthy lifestyle changes are permanent and are part of the new me.
I will be a health and fitness inspiration to others through my example.
I believe fitness is important, and good health means freedom.
My metabolism will increase today.
I will get leaner today.
Every day and in every way, I am becoming fitter, healthier and freer.
It is fun to become in better shape.

I deserve to look and feel the way I imagine I should.
I am changing my metabolic set point.
I am destined to have permanent and lasting health and fitness.
I am truly grateful for the health I have now.
Exciting opportunities for activity and healthy foods always come my way.
My highest desires are manifesting now.
My capacity for exercise and proper nutrition increases every day.

I expect and receive miracles.
My mind is growing new positive nerve pathways every day.
My vision of my ideal body is getting clearer every day.
My goals and objectives are manifesting themselves now.
I continue to act the fitness lifestyle, even when I don't feel like it.
I am committed to pushing my comfort zone and growing as a person.
I will focus first and foremost on foods that contribute to my fitness and health.

My body is feeling stronger and healthier every day.
I am moving better and find physical tasks easier to complete.
Healthy food makes me feel better and gives me more energy.
Water cleanses my cells and gives them what they need.
I am a lean machine.
My body craves activity and movement.
My tastes are changing towards healthier foods.

This will be yet another step toward creating your lean brain to cause your lean body!

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